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Houston, TX Affiliate - Valerie Splaine

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Center Stage Home™ Affiliates - Houston, TX
Valerie Splaine

Valerie Splaine is the founder and president of Home Staging & Redesign of Houston. She has 20 years experience in the Houston home sales business and has proven to her clients that houses that show better, sell faster and for a higher price. She understands how buyers think!

Center Stage Home™ Affiliates - Houston, TX

Valerie assists homeowners and real estate agents prepare occupied and vacant homes for sale. Thanks to her attention to detail and skill of emphasizing a home's assets, buyers remember the properties Valerie stages. By purposefully regrouping furniture and accessories, buyers clearly see the home's structure and layout and imagine the property's full potential. A staged home creates a positive first impression and takes only a minimal investment of time and money.

The ideal time to stage is before a home goes on the market and before MLS and brochure photos are taken. Furnishing is a must, so a seller's existing furnishings are used in an occupied home and can be rented for a vacant property. When Valerie stages homes already on the market, sellers see firsthand that home staging costs less than the first price reduction!

Valerie also redesigns home interiors for owners who wish to stay where they are but want a new and updated look. Her services include:

Valerie was the first designated Home Staging Expert (HSE) in Houston and teaches home staging workshops to help others start a business of their own. Click here to view her workshop schedule.